Sunday, June 13, 2010

No More "Days of Rest"

  I have come to the decision that there will be not one day that goes by that I am not going to exercise. I have found a new route that I am going to walk everyday because it will burn the necessary calories I need to lose at least 2 pounds per week. It is 5.21 miles long, takes me about an hour and a half to walk, and burns about 754 calories per day. That is a combines total of  5278 calories per week. Being that one pound of fat is 3500 calories and I am only eating about 1500 calories per day, I should be losing weight like crazy. Walking isn't the only thing I am going to be doing either. Starting tomorrow, Monday June 14, I will be adding some light weight training and I am going to start doing push-ups everyday. The weight training will be every other day, but the push-ups will me every day. I have never, in all my life, been this motivated to lose weight. Its like I woke up one day and was just ready.

  My goal is to lose 50 pounds by Christmas time. If I do indeed meet my goal, I am going to reward myself by signing up for some kind of Martial Arts class in February. I believe that joining something like that will only further my in my main goal of losing 125 pounds in a year and a half. It would be nice to finish it sooner, but I am going to be realistic about it. The math doesn't lie. Two pounds lost per week is my goal, which comes down to 8 pounds per month, which is 96 pound per year. I know that there are going to be weeks where I don't lose even 1 pound, so I am giving myself a little extra time to work it all off. Closing my eyes and trying to picture myself under 200lbs was very hard to do, but with my new mindset, I feel it is well within my grasp.  

  I started to get back into a routine of trying to lose weight on Memorial Day. That was the day I went for my first walk in months, and that is the day it seemed someone or something, lit a fire under my ass. Since starting to walk again, I have only missed two days and my body felt it on those days I didn't walk. Since I have started walking again, I have felt better physically and mentally. I really feel like I can accomplish my goals without too much trouble along the way. To all of you out there that think losing weight is a hard thing to do, you are absolutely right. This is the hardest thing I have ever faced in my whole life, next to being a father. But I realized that a lot of the problem comes from making excuses as to why I can't do something about it. NO MORE EXCUSES!! Get up off your ass and do something about it! No one is going to hold your hand and lead you to do anything that is necessary for you to improve your health! Taking ACTION is the only thing that is going to make anything better for yourself.


  1. You have a good plan in place and you seem really motivated. I'm looking forward to watching your progress...Good Luck!!!

  2. thank you for reading...I appreciate it

  3. Wow your blog is full of energy! I love it! You have so much motivation, so much willpower!

    Walking is great, it's how I started out too. Since I started walking in December 2008, rarely a day goes by that I don't walk. I love it. Just like you, I miss it when I don't walk. Even when it's raining, even if it is only for half an hour, I WILL go out there!! Besides, walking in the rain is kinda fun... :)

    Your goal is very realistic and I know you can do it! You will be surprised how much you will have achieved by December. I think you'll lose even more than that - with your determination, willpower and motivation, I wouldn't be surprised!! :)

    Keep doing what you're doing, you're awesome! An inspiration for many people out there trying to do the same, I'm sure!

  4. Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read what I have to say. It truly means a lot. Thank you for all the kind comments.