Friday, June 11, 2010

Cheat Day

 Yesterday was Thursday and I didn't get up like normal to go for a walk. This also caused me to get up later than I normally do, which caused me to make the wrong choices for breakfast. I ate two Entenmann's doughnuts and had a large glass of milk to drink. I decided after that highly nutritional breakfast that I would make this my "cheat day". I haven't strayed from the path since starting my exercise and diet routine, so I figured I owed myself a little treat.

  Lunch wasn't too bad. I had a Chicken Salad wrap with romaine lettuce. No added mayo. I did have a frozen pizza for dinner, which I am sure wasn't good either. lol. But this one cheat day seems to give me a message. That I need to not stray from my path. I felt like crap all day. Mentally and physically. I think that the mental crappy feeling caused the physical crappy feeling though. So, I have decided, NO MORE CHEAT DAYS!!!!!! From here on out I am sticking to the plan, with no more veering from the path!


  1. I have the same problem. If I don't start with my routine, the rest of the day is screwed.

  2. Me too, that's why I have decided to never skip it again